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= Global Reach = Big Returns

A global company is no longer isolated to only big companies. The internet has made it possible for even small and medium business enterprises to increase their reach throughout the world. It only takes a localized approach with a professional  translation agency to reach your desired market. website translation service is the most effective instrument for reaching out to an international audience. Learn more >



Deciding which languages to choose for your website translation strategy?

The biggest decision a company deals with is deciding which languages and markets are most important. 
We recommend our clients rely on big data.

 Determine who is your target audience

 Has your company established distribution in that

 Which languages have the largest reach?

 Does your target market have ease of Internet access?


Stats for Thought

According to the latest stats on InternetWorldStats,
if your website is translated into the following ten

languages, you’ll be reaching out to over 83%
of the world’s population:


1.  English: 478.4 million users

2.  Chinese: 383.6 million users

3.  Spanish: 136.5 million users

4.  Japanese: 95.9 million users

5.  French: 78.9 million users

6.  Portuguese: 73.05 million users

7.  German: 64.6 million users

8.  Arabic: 50.4 million users

9.  Russian: 45.2 million users

10. Korean: 37.4 million users

 Most internet users do not speak English

 In the European Union, one of the largest non-English speaking online markets, more than nine out of ten
  internet users admitted that when given a choice, they chose to surf in their native language.

 There is a 400% increase in business if the website is in the users native language.

 Double the exposure. Users will stay on a site 2 times longer if the site is localized in their native language.

 Since 2004, over 50% of online commerce is completed in a non-English language.


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